Switching to a paperless office can take some work, but it’s absolutely worth it. Here are 5 benefits of transitioning to a paperless office.

Every day it seems like more and more businesses are transitioning to paperless offices. They’re ditching the old tried and true ways of paper bookkeeping and communications and opting for web-based records, memos, and mail.

Why are so many offices making the transition to paperless? What are the benefits?

Clear out the Clutter

One of the biggest problems with keeping paper records is the mere fact that they take up space. File cabinets, bookshelves lined with folders, boxes needing to be stored (and taking up valuable space) for however many years. In a paperless office, all of that space is now free to be used in whatever way will actually benefit your business – whether that means inventory storage, another desk for another employee, or even downsizing to save money.

Plus, all of those files can be a pain to look through. If even one paper is filed incorrectly, it throws the whole system and takes a lot of precious time to regain order. In a paperless office, a missing file or folder is just a computer search away.

Streamline Internal Communication

Whether it is inter-office memos, reminders, or phone messages, the amount paper required just to facilitate communication within the office can be excessive. When all of that is computerized, not only does it cut down on extra bits of paper sitting around, but it makes the communication lighting fast.

Speed up Client Communication

Because of the ever-present use of technology, clients (and consumers in general) are used to immediate gratification. Texts, emails, and social media have conditioned the world to expect instant responses. To keep up with that expectation and remain competitively viable, paperless communication with clients is necessary.

Be Kind to our Earth

Of course, we all know that our Earth is in trouble – we are using resources faster than it can produce them. The average office worker uses around 10,000 sheets of copy paper per year, and generates around 1.5lbs of paper waste every day. Each ton of paper takes 4,100 kWh of energy and 7,000 gallons of water – that’s a lot of energy and water saved.

Save some Money

Let’s go back to that 10,000 sheets of copy paper per year figure. Depending on where you get your paper and what kind of paper you use, that would be anywhere from $70-$120 per year, per employee. Multiply that by even just a few employees, and you have some serious savings.

At E&E, we love a paperless office! Contact us to learn more about how you can integrate our custom accounting software to make sure that transitioning to a paperless office makes a big dent in your paper output.

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