About E&E

Hussein Ebrahimjee, Principal

Hussein obtained his accounting bachelor’s degree in 2010.

Having worked for the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) as a tax auditor and as Manager at a public accounting firm, Hussein brings along a wealth of experience in Tax planning, Compliance and public accounting.
Hussein is able to transfer his knowledge in assisting his clients to efficiently comply with tax regulations whilst maximizing benefits.

“My love for numbers and helping people has inspired me to be an accountant. I am passionate about working with entrepreneurs and I’m motivated day in day out to help small businesses to achieve their potential, seeing them grow gives me a great sense of satisfaction.”

Hussein is dedicated to continue with his passion and has come together with Mohammed Essaji to synergize their alliance to form Ebrahimjee & Essaji Professional Accountants where he currently acts as a principal.

Mohammed Essaji, Principal

Mohammed obtained his accounting designation from England.

He is a seasoned professional bringing over 25 years of experience in areas of auditing, tax and accounting of private sector including service, retail, manufacturing, construction industries and in the commercial business sector.

Along with his vast IT skills Mohammed takes pride in assisting clients strive forward to keep up with the ever evolving technology in the accounting world.

“I have always looked beyond the horizon for my clients as I believe that one’s success is measured by how well their clients are successful. Maintaining a strong and lasting relationship with clients is also a core essential for success, something I take pride in achieving.”

Mohammed serves as a principal at Ebrahimjee & Essaji Professional Accountants. He is a co-founder along with Hussein Ebrahimjee. Their alliance combines and brings together wealth of expertise and knowledge that goes beyond and above to serve their clientele.

Company History:

Ebrahimjee & Essaji Professional Accountants is one of the leading firms providing Tax, Accounting and Consulting services across Ontario. Based out of Mississauga we are centrally located to serve the community.

We are a hands-on firm that’s built our foundation around the entire client experience, not just the outcome. The Firm’s basic premise and professional responsibility is to consistently strive for the highest level of quality client service and relationship, at the same time preserving the highest degree of independence and objectivity.

At Ebrahimjee & Essaji, we sincerely care about our clients and their success. Adding value to our clients is what drives us. Our professional and diverse team is dedicated to recognizing new and ground-breaking ways to exceed your potentials and assisting you to achieve your goals.

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