Trying to file your business’ GST/HST returns? Discover a simple and stress-free solution with GST/HST Netfile. If you are a business whose taxable income exceeds $30,000 annually in products and services, you are required to file for GST/HST taxes. Many businesses become overwhelmed by this task and struggle to know where to start, but Netfile offers an easy alternative.

What are GST/HST taxes?

GST/HST taxes are indirect taxes, or consumption taxes, which are collected by the Canadian government. The GST stands for Goods and Services Tax, while the HST stands for Harmonized Sales Tax. These taxes are applied to most goods and services that are supplied or consumed in Canada, with the exception of certain sectors such as groceries.

What is GST/HST Netfile?

GST/HST Netfile is an online service that enables businesses to file their GST/HST returns easily. It is an efficient way to submit the required information and track progress in real-time. By using this service, businesses can avoid sending paper forms, which can be time-consuming and difficult to manage.

What are the advantages of GST/HST Netfile?

GST/HST Netfile offers a wide range of advantages to businesses, such as:
– Time savings: You will save time filing GST/HST returns since all the information is stored in one place. Netfile processes your return instantly instead of long paper-return delays.
– Ease of use: The filing process is quick and easy for even novice users. In a couple of steps, you can submit your return and receive confirmation. No more stress or delays.
– Increased accuracy: With the help of automated checks, you can ensure accuracy when filing your taxes. The system is built with opportunities to check the information you provided and flag possible issues.
– Improved security: By using a secure connection, you can keep your business’ data safe when submitting it online.

What do I need to file my taxes with Netfile?

You will need the following to file your taxes with GST/HST Netfile:
– A valid business number – ensure your business is already registered with the CRA for GST/HST.
– A CRA login ID and password – you will need to log in to your CRA account in order to use Netfile. Alternatively, you can authorize a representative to file on your behalf.
The right returns for the period you are filing (for example, Form GST34 which accompanies your payment)
– Your business financial statements – you will need to gather information from your annual or quarterly financial statements.

Ensuring Accuracy in reporting

While GST/HST Netfile taxes are an easy way to submit your returns to the CRA, businesses still need to ensure accurate bookkeeping and reporting are done. Your business financial statements must account for GST/HST charged on services and products you sold, as well as GST/HST on services and products you purchased. Those must be accounted for with receipts for auditing purposes. In addition, you should check the reporting requirements for your business. While some organizations are required to file annually, others must file quarterly. Need additional tax advice for your business? Try our tax planning services.

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