CRA Audits

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No one wants or expects to be the subject of a CRA audit. The idea of the government looking through your books and double checking what you’re earning, and how you’ve been spending is stressful, even when you have nothing to hide.

If you’re facing a CRA audit, don’t try to go it alone. A trusted accounting partner is key to navigating the audit process. E&E has years of experience in assisting businesses with CRA tax audits. We are founded and managed by an experienced corporate auditor and a former CRA tax auditor.

Most tax solution firms assist you with your audit and are done. At E&E, we stand by you during the audit process and after, throughout your fiscal year and beyond.

Our CRA Audit Service includes:

  • Assess your tax situation
  • Develop a strategy to manage the CRA audit process for you
  • Facilitate submission of required information
  • Accompany you to CRA audit meetings
  • Prepare you for an interview with the CRA
  • Negotiate with the CRA to ensure a fair and clear process
  • Review and submit post audit proposals on your behalf
  • Ongoing support after the audit process is completed

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