My business partner and I have been running a small business for the last 12 years. For the first 10 years we were using an accountant who gave us very little advice/guidance for our books, especially regarding potential tax savings.

We were introduced to Hussein & Mohammed about 2 years ago, and they immediately provided us advice that saved us over $15,000 in taxes for the year. Since then, they have helped us greatly in organizing our accounting records and our systematic process of handling orders, purchases, expenses, etc.

In May of 2017 we were audited and it was clear just how well organized our books were. E & E got us through the audit with flying colours.

I would definitely recommend E & E to anyone! Thank you for the great service.


Hussein and his partner were extremely helpful with all of my tax concerns. I could not stump them, they had all the answers to my complex questions. They are both extremely professional, fast, thorough and friendly.

I recommend them to all my clients.

Ryan Young

Pavlov Real Estate Toronto

Hussein and Mohammed are both very knowledgeable, professional, and extremely helpful. I have been their customer for more than a year now, and they have been very responsive and always there when I need them or I have a question. I would highly recommend them to any one

Mohammed Aludayani

Husseim and Mo are great. They take the time to review every document and help you make sure you can make a good decision. More importantly they take the time to explain all details and answer any questions. They always reply to emails and phone calls promptly and are always available to chat or meet. I switched to them over 2 years ago on a recommendation and have not looked back since. Thank you Mo and Husseim for taking such good care us. I would not hesitate to recommend their financial services to any friends or family.

Thiago Fakiani

Hussein is extremely helpful and well knowledgeable with all of my tax concerns. They had all the answers to my complex questions. Him and his partner are both extremely professional, fast, thorough and friendly.

Highly recommend to help your need !!!

Mohammed Al-Furais

Mohammed and Hussein are amazing and a breath of fresh air! Very professional and their service is definitely 5*'s. They are both very knowledgeable and very approachable. Highly Recommend!

Hercules Galang

Owned and operated by Hussein and Mohammed... what can you say but bravo.
Big business mind set for those of us running a small business. There to guide us through the mess that is taxes.

Audie Mirabelli

I have been dealing with Hussein & Mohammed for the last two years, I am extremely happy the way my tax returns are handled both ( Personal and Business) I would describe them as very knowledgeable and courteous they explain you the tax returns in details before filing.

Edwards Rodrigues

I'm a small business owner and was using a large accountant agency to do my personal and professional accounting. Because of poor accounting practices the firm I was audited and had to pay back thousands of dollars. I was then introduced to Hussein Ebrahimjee during a Professional business meeting. After discussing my issues with Hussein he was able to clear up all my accounting problems and has given me great advice regarding my future business accounting practices. I have since moved my business and personal account services over to E&E Professional Accountants and they have made sure all my accounting needs are met and are always 100% accurate.
I would highly recommend them for all your accounting needs.

Michael Hofstatter

Elite Physio

We went to see Hussein and Mohammed mid this year when we found out we were being audited, they were very helpful and professional. We also moved to online quickbooks and when I have a question or concern they are always there and ready to help. Looking forward to working with you guys at this year end. Would recommend to anyone.

Grace Akrivopolous

Flowtek Plumbing Ltd.

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